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IP69K is an Ingress Protection rating system test that verifies a product is protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature liquid sprays. Specific equipment is required to assure that products accurately meet the test specifications.

The test includes four spray nozzles which are placed at a distance between 3.9 and 5.9 inches as determined by the specs.

The reference points of the spray nozzles are position 1, 90 degrees; position 2, 60 degrees; position 3, 30 degrees and position 4, 0 degrees. OTTO Engineering performs this test as follows:

Products are placed on a rotating turntable and when water temperature reaches 176 degrees F or 80C, nozzle 4 is activated.

After 30 seconds, nozzle 4 is deactivated and nozzle 3 is activated. After 30 more seconds, nozzle 3 is deactivated and nozzle 2 is activated.

After another 30 seconds, nozzle 2 is deactivated and nozzle 1 is activated. 30 seconds later, nozzle 1 is deactivated and the pump, heater and turntable stop.

The sample is then removed and taken to the lab to be carefully reviewed for water ingress.

This is just one of the many testing capabilities at OTTO Engineering.

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