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Pushbutton Switches


HP7 - Hall Effect Momentary Pushbutton Switch

The HP7 is a momentary pushbutton switch that utilizes Hall Effect sensor technology for long life contactless switching.
  • 10 million cycles
  • Hall Effect technology for long life
  • Electronics sealed to IP64 or watertight to IP68S
  • Stylish dome-shaped buttons available in 9 color options
  • Momentary action
  • Choice of termination styles
  • Mechanical detent available for tactile feedback
  • RoHS compliant

HP7 series momentary pushbuttons utilize Hall effect sensor technology and last up to 10 million cycles. These rugged pushbuttons withstand harsh environments and are available dusttight and moistureproof to IP64 or watertight to IP68S.

Exposed, raised and flush dome buttons come in nine color options. A mechanical detent option is available for tactile feedback. Case and bezel are precision-machined aluminum alloy with a black or clear coat anodized finish. PC pins or wire leads are standard; value-added connectors are available.

Prime applications are those requiring repeated “jogging” and other continuous operation. Examples include material handling equipment, such as loaders, lift trucks, bucket and shovel and other applications where positioning of the load is critical.

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