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Hall Effect Controls


HTWS - Smaller Hall Effect Proportional Output Thumbwheel

The HTWS Hall effect proportional thumbwheel is a smaller version of OTTO's HTW and HTWM.
  • 8 output options
  • Spring return-to-center single axis actuator
  • Installs into 0.895” x 0.420” panel opening
  • Integrated snap-in retaining feature
  • Sealing boot option
  • 3 million cycle rotational life
  • Electronics sealed to IP68S
  • Excellent EMI/RFI immunity
  • Flow through design
  • RoHS compliant

The HTWS Hall effect proportional output thumbwheel is a smaller version of OTTO’s HTW and HTWM. It is a spring return-to-center, single axis thumbwheel that provides a linear change in voltage output corresponding to actuator movement in either direction from center. Its smaller size makes it a perfect choice for use in grips or panels where space is limited. The HTWS is available with eight output options, including increasing and decreasing voltage output from the center position to the full travel position and single or dual (redundant) outputs.

The HTWS snaps into a 0.895” x 0.420” panel opening. Electronics are sealed to IP68S, and an optional sealing boot offers added protection against dust, sand and water ingress. The HTWS offers a 3 million cycle rotational life, operate force options and excellent EMI /RFI immunity. It is available with flying wire leads or pin connection.

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