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Ergonomic G3-M Grip: Robust Controls, Smaller Package

The medium-sized G3-M grip is slightly smaller than the standard G3-C, yet it's just as robust with many design options to fit any demanding application.

OTTO’s new G3-M is a modular, high-performance, medium sized grip for demanding applications. More compact than OTTO’s largest grips, the ergonomically designed G3-M mounts on a panel or a joystick and supports all essential operator controls. 

Choose from many standard faceplates that have a mix of pushbuttons, toggles, rockers and Hall effect switches. Or ask about custom designs. A trigger on the grip handle is optional.

Visit the G3-M product page for specifications.

Combine the grip with an OTTO Hall effect joystick for a completely integrated control solution. The cost-effective, modular HJLG3-M joystick with G3-M grip features:

--Multiple output options, including CANopen and CANbus J1939

--Variety of gating options

--Armrest or panel mounting

--Electronics sealed to IP68S

--Field replaceable grip option

Create the right HJLG3-M combination for your design using OTTO’s Part Builder.

Watch a video about the G3-M grip.