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K1S, the Industry's Smallest ON-ON-ON Rocker

The K1S triple throw rocker switch is a great choice for Forward-Neutral-Reverse operation.

OTTO Controls' K1S is a short-behind-panel rocker switch, which snaps into panels or grips. This sealed, logic level-only rocker switch has a 1 million cycle life for long, reliable service.

Available in both single- and double-pole configurations with maintained action, this ON-ON-ON rocker is the ideal Forward-Neutral-Reverse (FNR) switch. The double-pole version offers redundancy for each switch state providing increased safety. Termination options include a Molex connector or wire leads. The K1S contact system is sealed to IP68S and uses a flow-thru design. With an optional boot, the switch is panel sealed to IP68S.

The K1S comes in two rocker button style/size options for best user comfort. Only one panel opening size is required, regardless of button size. Choose from a set of 73 standard legend choices or add a custom logo, lettering or legend.

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