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OTTO Quickly Delivers Quality Switches

OTTO has short lead times on high-quality standard and custom products, including our more than 30,000 MIL-Spec switches.

Wait no longer for the switches you need: OTTO Controls has short lead times on our industry-leading products. OTTO can deliver in weeks, not months like you may experience with other manufacturers.

We deliver high-quality switches faster than the industry average—and much faster than some of our competitors. This includes standard and custom products, such as our limit switches, basic switches, toggles, pushbuttons and our more than 30,000 MIL-Spec switches.

How can OTTO deliver switches so quickly?

  1. OTTO is a vertically integrated manufacturer, and we have invested in material inventories. Together, these advantages minimize our reliance on outside suppliers, and we are less likely to be impacted by supply chain disruptions.
  2. OTTO manufactures its products in the U.S., and our production lines are highly flexible. This allows us to shift gears fast when demand for certain products rises.
  3. OTTO has outstanding customer service and technical expertise. Our team goes to great lengths to meet our customers’ expectations.

What can we build for you?
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