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CAN Keypad with Exclusive, Color-Changing LEDs

The CAN Keypad is a CANbus-enabled operator control module that easily snaps into panels and armrests on heavy equipment and vehicles.

OTTO Controls’ new CAN Keypad joins its wide line-up of CANbus-enabled solutions to provide an intuitive interface for equipment operators while offering the dual benefit of connecting multiple CAN devices with one another. 

In an industry exclusive, the RGB LEDs on OTTO’s CAN Keypad can be set to nearly any color or light intensity at any time. Additionally, the LEDs can either synchronize flashing or flash individually.

The CAN Keypad’s software-controllable interface supports in-the-cab functionality with flexible choices: Operators can select functions by rotating or pressing the pushbutton on the center encoder, or by hitting any of the keypad buttons. The LEDs and positive tactile feedback help operators easily identify and activate functions.

By daisy-chaining the CAN Keypad with other CAN devices on the same network, equipment owners can sync functions and gain valuable behind-the-scenes information and diagnostics about the integrated network to optimize operations.


Visit the CAN Keypad product page.

Watch the introductory video of the CAN Keypad.

CAN Keypad video screen shot