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Pushbutton Switches


P5 - Sealed, Mil Grade, Alternate Action Pushbutton Switch

The P5 is an alternate action, sealed switch offering positive tactile feedback. Push and the P5 switch turns "on". Push again and the P5 switch turns "off". 
  • Button sealed with “rolling sleeve” principle
  • Contact area sealed at case & terminals
  • Moistureproof & dusttight to IP64 & MIL-PRF-8805 Design 2 or watertight to IP68S
  • Handles logic level up to 5 amps
  • Variety of mounting styles
  • Engraved buttons available
  • Choice of 9 button & 3 bezel colors
  • Panel appearance matches most other OTTO momentary pushbutton switches
  • Unsealed construction also available
  • RoHS compliant


The P5 Alternate Action switches match the P1, P3 and P8 Momentary Action Pushbutton models for mixed function with common panel appearance. Now you can design panels with both alternate and momentary action switches and have uniform panel appearance. The P5 features alternate action in the same pushbutton and housing configuration as the momentary P1 and P3 and as a bonus, the P5 requires less behind the panel space than the P1 and P3 momentary versions.

Push and the P5 switch turns “on.” Push again and the P5 switch turns “off.” Positive tactile feedback is featured so the operator is clearly aware the switch mode has been executed. The button returns to the original position after each actuation.

To guard against front panel splash and dirt, the P5 series is sealed at the button with OTTO’s patented “rolling sleeve” principle. The terminals are sealed with epoxy, providing a seal against flux during wiring and behind panel dirt and moisture. The combination of sealing provides smooth operation over a wide temperature range. Watertight sealing to IP68S is available.

A vandal resistant style is available in the P5-V series. Custom housings, shrouded buttons, contact configurations and materials are available to suit your application requirements. We also provide custom button engraving with epoxy ink backfill, watertight versions and other special characteristics.

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