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Limit Switches


P6 Limit Switch - Noteworthy Designs

Sleaved wires, long bushing and flange mount are a few of many custom designs to meet your application specific needs. 
  • Complies with MIL-PRF-8805 sealing
  • One-piece housing
  • Sealed at plunger with O-rings
  • Sealed at base with a glass seal
  • EMI reduction construction
  • Choice of pin or roller plunger
  • Choice of axial or radial leads

P6 series switches are sealed against immersion and corrosive atmospheres. These switches are designed for rugged duty both mechanically and electrically. A one-piece stainless steel or nickel plated brass housing, sealed at the plunger with an O-ring seal and at the base with a glass-to-metal header option provides true environment-free sealing to comply with MIL-PRF-8805/39, MIL-PRF-8805/40, MIL-PRF-8805/43, MIL-PRF-8805/100 and MIL-PRF-8805/104. Most case parts are grounded for EMI reduction.

The P6 series is available with roller plunger styles for cam or slide actuation and pin plunger for in-line actuation. Contact factory for additional designs.

P6 series features the OTTO B2, B3 or B5 series snap-action basic switch. High contact pressure and unique contact design provides low contact resistance for low level switching as well as full rated service.

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