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Pushbutton Switches


P9C - Lower Cost, Sealed, Logic Level Only Pushbutton

Competitively priced, the P9C is a logic-level only, sealed, long-life momentary action pushbutton switch.
  • 1 million cycles
  • Sealed to IP68S
  • All plastic housing & button construction
  • Positive tactile feedback
  • 2 button heights
  • RoHS compliant

Competitively priced, the P9C pushbutton is a logic-level only momentary, normally open switch with a dome style pushbutton and a 1 million cycle life. Flush dome and raised dome button profiles are available in either gloss or matte finish.

The P9C series pushbuttons come with a standard 15/32" threaded case for hex nut mounting and features a short behind panel depth. It offers excellent performance while operating under severe conditions found in demanding applications.

The P9 Dome series is a quality precision switch designed for use in control panels, grips, computers, instruments and other applications where attractive, rugged, long life pushbutton switches are required.

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