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CAN Keypad

This rugged, programmable, CANbus-enabled controller can communicate with other CAN devices on the same network. Its snap-in design allows for easy front mounting—vertically or horizontally—into panels or armrests on heavy equipment and vehicles.

  • CANbus J1939 and CANopen outputs with integral Deutsch® connector option
  • Easy snap-in design
  • 24-bit RGB LEDs on buttons are software-controllable for color and brightness
  • Custom legends available for buttons
  • Center encoder with pushbutton
  • Separate input and output connector to easily daisy-chain devices
  • Up to 1 million cycles
  • Withstands -40°C to +85°C operating temperatures
  • Sealed to IP68S

CAN Keypad is a CANbus-enabled module with software-controllable programming options for intuitive operation of heavy equipment and vehicles. The rugged module mounts horizontally or vertically into panels and armrests.

Each of the six buttons has three RGB LEDs on the outer edge that can be set to nearly any color and light intensity. The center encoder has configurable starting and roll-over position values.

The CAN Keypad can communicate with other CAN products, including OTTO Controls’ CAN joysticks and CAN Rocker, on the same network. It can act as a base module for daisy-chaining up to seven CAN Rocker expansion modules.

The standard CAN Keypad ships with a default configuration with pre-specified communications parameters. The CAN Keypad module may be ordered preconfigured to customer parameters to drop into a customer CAN network. In these cases, OTTO will establish a customer-specific part number tailored for every instance of a CAN Keypad module used. Consult with an OTTO salesperson for special pricing and more information. Refer to User Manual (OTTO P/N: 804486-1).

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