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Pushbutton Switches


LP9 - RGB Illuminated, Sealed, Momentary Action Pushbuttons

The LP9 RGB is a momentary, snap-action, double-break pushbutton that can turn nearly any color. This LED pushbutton is commercial grade and sealed watertight.
  • LED package contains three separate LEDs (red, green, blue) that can be combined to produce almost any color. 
  • Full-button illumination
  • Flush or raised glossy button
  • Positive tactile feedback
  • Withstands extreme shock and vibration
  • Short behind-panel depth
  • Watertight to IP68S
  • RoHS compliant
  • 2VDC LED input

LP9 RGB illuminated pushbuttons have RGB LEDs that can display nearly any color, and color choices can be easily switched in the field. These momentary, snap-action switches are designed for use in panels, control grips, instruments, heavy equipment and other demanding applications requiring attractive, rugged, lighted pushbuttons.

Positive tactile feedback signals to the operator when the switch is operated with the added benefit of reliable LED illumination. Choose from flush and raised profile button styling with a glossy finish. It also comes with a threaded case for hex nut mounting and has a short behind-panel depth.

These pushbuttons support 2VDC and meet IP68S. Expect 25,000 operations at full rated load of 5 amps resistive or 3 amps inductive; 500,000 operations at 500mA/200mA resistive.

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