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G2 - Multi-Purpose Control Grips

The G2-0270, cast from aluminum alloy, is a standard industrial control grip that includes a choice of switches to control a myriad of functions.
  • G2 - Multi-purpose Control Grip is standard product that is ready for use, right out of the box, for a multitude of industrial control applications.
  • Sealed, cast aluminum construction and easily accessible switch panel ensures durability and minimum down-time.
  • Populated with the most popular switch configurations – mini-joystick, 4 and 2-way toggle, pushbuttons and operator presence lever.  
  • Utilizes widely available D-sub connector to ensure ease of interface with the customer’s application.
  • Customization is available for different switches and termination option.

Cast from aluminum alloy, the G2 Multi-Purpose Control Grip (G2-0270) is a rugged industrial control grip. It is suitable for industrial, military, aerospace and other demanding applications requiring durability and dependability.

The grip’s standard configuration offers extreme versatility for ease of implementation. Switches and termination can be customized. The D-sub connector ensures reliable connectivity; matching connectors are readily available.

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