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HJLG3-M - JHL Joystick with G3-M Grip

Combine a high-performance, sealed, cost-effective JHL joystick with an OTTO G3-M grip to create an HJLG3-M joystick with grip assembly – a complete solution to fit your application. 
  • Contactless analog output Hall effect technology
  • Multiple output options, both analog and digital
  • Redundant sensors available
  • Variety of gating options
  • Modular design
  • Universal left- or right-handed
  • High performance solution in a smaller package
  • Numerous standard or custom faceplate options
  • RoHS compliant

HJLG3 series joystick/grip assemblies combine a high-performance, sealed, cost-effective joystick with an OTTO G3 grip to create a complete controls solution.

The HJLG3-M incorporates the medium-sized, ergonomic G3-M grip. Other grips in the HJLG3 series are the G3-A, G3-B, G3-C and G3-CK Universal Grip models, as well as the G3-D Control Grip, altogether offering nearly 50 standard faceplate design options.

Analog and digital outputs, CANopen, CANbus J1939, PWM, USB, and redundant sensor output selections are available. Standard gating options include single axis, single axis with center detent, dual axis, and various omnidirectional selections, such as square smooth feel, on-axis and off-axis guided feel, square on-axis guided feel and center detent.

The HJLG3 series serves agriculture, construction, off-road, material handling and industrial equipment markets.

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