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Electromechanical Switches


P1 - Sealed, MIL-PRF-8805/3 Momentary, Snap Action Pushbutton

The P1 is a sealed, snap action, military grade switch ideal for switching low level up to 10 amps.
  • Button sealed with patented “rolling sleeve” principle
  • Contact area sealed at button & terminals
  • Less than 25mΩ contact resistance
  • Ideal for low level switching as well as up to 10 amp duty
  • Positive tactile feedback
  • Variety of mounting styles
  • Engraved buttons & bezels available
  • UL recognized
  • Watertight to IP68S available
  • RoHS compliant


The P1 offers a mechanical life that is well beyond the 50,000 cycles required by MIL-PRF-8805. The double break switching mechanism has an incredibly fast transfer time, reducing arcing and increasing contact life. The inherent wiping action breaks welds and scrubs the contacts clean on every actuation.

The P1 switch offers vastly improved life under extreme conditions found in most military environments. Moistureproofing is accomplished in two ways. The pushbutton is sealed with a silicone boot operating on our patented “rolling sleeve,” providing longer life and smoother operation over a wide temperature range. Epoxy seals protect the contacts and terminals from hostile environments and solder flux.

Watertight sealing to Commercial (IP68S) and Military (MIL-PRF-8805 Design 3) standards are available. This watertight design is also available in commercial construction as the P3 series (add “W” to your part number).

High contact force (120g/4.2 oz.), low contact resistance (25mΩ max initial) and short contact bounce result from our snap-action mechanism. These characteristics guarantee exceptional current carrying capabilities over the life of the switch. With the optional low level (gold plate) configuration, the P1 is well suited to interface directly to computers and other solid state devices.

The P1 switch is a quality precision snap-action switch designed for use in panel boards, control grips, computers, instruments, pressure switches and other hand or machine operated applications where sealed pushbutton switches are required. Its precision permits the P1 to be used as a limit switch with unique size, high electrical ratings and a wide choice of mounting styles.

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