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TK Tactile Mini Trim

OTTO's TK Mini Trim is a logic level, shorter behind panel, 4-way mini trim switch with tactile feedback and a center pushbutton option.
  • Two functions in one compact switch: toggle and pushbutton action
  • Available in 2-way or 4-way and with or without center pushbutton (center off)
  • Toggle lockout when pushbutton is activated
  • Pushbutton lockout when in toggle mode
  • Position click action indicates actuation
  • Panel sealed to IP64 or IP68S, or unsealed
  • Wire leads or integrated Molexº connector
  • Logic level only
  • Positive click action
  • RoHS compliant

The TK Mini Trim is a tactile, 4-way, logic level, momentary contact switch with a center pushbutton option designed to fit easily in grips and control panels. The TK’s shorter behind panel length is nearly 2/10” shorter than OTTO’s traditional T4-T Mini Trim allowing for increased functionality and efficiency in any application.

The TK offers three sealing level choices: unsealed, dusttight to IP64, or watertight to IP68S.

The TK is a tactile switch which offers a positive click action indicating circuit transfer to the operator and is ideal for grip applications in aircraft, off-road and material handling.

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