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Trigger Switches



This precision trigger switch is military qualified to M8805/111-01, and has a width of 0.641" +/- 0.016".
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  • Two-Step Trigger
  • Qualified to M8805/111-01
  • Actuating force of 2.25 lbs. to make the first pole
  • Additional force of 6.5 lbs. passing through a detent to actuate the second pole
  • 0.641" +/- 0.016" width
  • Rated 7 amps resistive @ 28VDC
  • Electrical life 50,000 cycles
  • RoHS compliant

This precision trigger switch has an actuating force of 2.25 lbs. to make the first pole; 6.5 lbs. is required to pass through the detent, and 6.0 lbs. to continue travel after the detent. Housing is black thermoplastic, trigger button is red thermoplastic, and the side covers are black anodized aluminum. With a width of .641", the U2-016 is military qualified to M8805/111-01.

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