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B3S-5 Sealed Subminiature Basic Switch with Levers

The B3S-5 is a sealed subminiature basic switch with integral lever actuators.
  • Integral Lever Actuators
  • Sealed to IP68S
  • Double break circuit
  • Logic level switching option tested to 1 million electrical cycles
  • 0.200” switch width
  • Choice of 11 standard terminal styles or wire leads
  • Momentary action
  • RoHS compliant
The B3S-5 sealed, subminiature basic switch is made with an integral actuating lever, combining the switch and actuator into one assembly. Sealed to IP68S, the snap-action switch is tested to 1 million cycles at logic level, offering reliable operation in demanding applications and precision in terms of accuracy and repeatability.
The B3S-5 subminiature switch is designed for use in places where space is limited, including internally within toggle, pushbutton and limit switches. It works well in the aerospace, industrial and material handling markets for applications such as conveyor belts, forklifts, ON/OFF switches, door latching mechanisms, fire suppression systems, and timing devices. 

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