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  • Lockout Features and Guards Help Prevent Accidental Activation

    Joysticks and toggles with lockout features, toggle guards and switch guards protect equipment from operating when it shouldn't. 

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  • Customer Story: A Smooth Road Ahead with Multi-Function Controls

    Etnyre’s road construction equipment is outfitted with OTTO Controls’ grip and joystick solutions, which enable operators to spread material easily and are part of a customizable, CAN-based interface.

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  • Head Dead Ahead with Marine Controls

    Water, light exposure and heavy shock loads are among the environmental considerations when specifying electromechanical controls and switches for marine applications.

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  • Mini, Yet Mighty Joysticks Bring Precision Control

    Miniature joysticks bundle important functionality and long-lasting performance in a small package for applications ranging from medical and surgical equipment to unmanned vehicles and hydraulic controls.

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  • Touch the Future with Capacitive Sensing

    Capacitive touch sensing is an evolving technology that is now found in next-generation grips and joysticks, providing operators with enhanced functionality. OTTO’s Grip Sense capacitive sensing option comes in select grip solutions for basic and advanced controls applications.


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