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  • Touch the Future with Capacitive Sensing

    Capacitive touch sensing is an evolving technology that is now found in next-generation grips and joysticks, providing operators with enhanced functionality. OTTO’s Grip Sense capacitive sensing option comes in select grip solutions, which are appropriate for basic and advanced controls applications.


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  • Head Dead Ahead with Marine Controls

    Water, light exposure and heavy shock loads are among the environmental considerations when specifying electromechanical controls and switches for marine applications.

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  • Four Electromechanical Requirements for Dependable Performance

    Reliable vehicle functionality is in part dependent on electromechanical switches that withstand abuse and harsh conditions. Here are four considerations for specifying controls components that will work for the long haul.

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  • Mini, Yet Mighty Joysticks Bring Precision Control

    Miniature joysticks bundle important functionality and long-lasting performance in a small package for applications ranging from medical and surgical equipment to unmanned vehicles and hydraulic controls.

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