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G3-M Universal Grip

The G3-M is a medium sized, ergonomic, modular and customizable grip handle. This handle offers comfort, flexibility, and robustness for a multitude of operator control applications. The design of the G3-M is slightly smaller than the G3-C and offers ruggedness, while providing essential control solutions in a smaller package. 
  • Medium-sized, slightly smaller than the OTTO G3-C grip
  • Choose from numerous standard faceplate designs that can be oriented from 0, 90 and 180 degrees
  • Custom faceplate options available 
  • Optional trigger integrated in the grip handle
  • Various mounting & termination styles available
  • Compatible with the OTTO JH, JHL and JHM series Hall effect Joysticks
  • Accommodates a full line of OTTO pushbutton, rocker, toggle, and Hall effect switches

This high-performance, rugged, medium-sized grip has an ergonomic, modular and customizable handle that works flexibly in a variety of applications. With or without gloves, left- or right-handed users can comfortable operate the grip.

Combine the grip with a full-featured OTTO JH, JHL or JHM joystick for an integrated control solution. The G3-M can also be panel mounted as a fixed control grip. Its modular design provides a high level of customization, reducing tooling charges. 

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